February 2016

阮義忠-日本,1982 · 須田一政-台北吉祥 持續展至3月12日
Juan I-Jong – Japan 1982 · Suda Issei – Taipei Kissyo continue till March 12

出自《 LIFE 雜誌》Jan/Feb 2016 報導內文

亦安畫廊台北「阮義忠 − 日本,1982」和「須田一政 − 台北吉祥」反應熱烈。展覽受到廣泛報導,包括《 Cans 當代藝術新聞》、《 VOP 攝影之聲》、《 La Vie 》、《 Taipei Times 》、《中國時報》、及中國《生活月刊》等。

− 鄭乃銘,《Cans 當代藝術新聞》

「Two stunning photography exhibitions open at Taipei’s Aura Gallery tomorrow: Japan 1982 (日本1982) by Yilan-born Taiwanese artist Juan I-jong (阮義忠) and Taipei Kissyo (台北吉祥) by Tokyo-born Japanese artist Suda Issei. Both artists are well-known for capturing scenes of everyday life in their respective countries, especially shots of commuters coming and going on busy streets. In the early ‘80s, Juan traveled to Tokyo and Issei traveled to Taipei. Juan’s black-and-white photographs of Tokyo, which depict a bleak and grimy reality in the form of people hunched over in phone booths and others breezing past, foreshadow what would become the rigidity of city life in the Japanese capital decades later. Issei’s photographs of people with big hair and colorful clothes, by contrast, illustrate the gritty euphoria of 1980s Taipei on the brink of something great, notably economic prosperity.」
− Dana Ter,《Taipei Times》

「阮義忠 − 日本,1982」、「須田一政 − 台北吉祥」將持續至3月12日。

[ Exhibition Information ]

阮義忠 − 日本,1982   Juan I-Jong – Japan 1982
須田一政 − 台北吉祥   Suda Issei – Taipei Kissyo
2016.01.30 – 03.12
亦安畫廊台北 aura gallery taipei

2016.03.05 對談講座
15:00 「姚仁祿與阮義忠:談日本」
Juan I-Jong in conversation with Eric Yao