January 2016
左上/右下:阮義忠 Juan I-Jong,<日本,1982>,1982,gelatin silver print
右上/左下:須田一政 Suda Issei,<台北吉祥>,1984,cibachrome

阮義忠 − 日本,1982 Juan I-Jong – Japan 1982
須田一政 − 台北吉祥 Suda Issei – Taipei Kissyo
2016.01.30 – 03.12
亦安畫廊台北 aura gallery taipei

2016.01.30 Sat.
15:00 Opening talk by Juan I-Jong
16:30 Opening party


展覽即將於本週六 1月30日開幕,當日阮義忠老師將出席並發表演說,歡迎各位朋友共襄盛舉。

aura gallery taipei will present “Juan I-Jong – Japan 1982” and “Suda Issei – Taipei Kissyo” from January 30 to March 12. Firstly revealed, the exhibited works were taken in the 1980s by the two artists when they traveled to the other’s country. The precious images bring out the young and broad sights of Juan I-Jong and Suda Issei.

Juan I-Jong will give a speech on January 30. We cordially invite you to join us.