May 2015

李濤 Li Tao – 我們 Sapiens

Li Tao 01 Li Tao 02

李濤 Li Tao – 我們 Sapiens
2015.05.16 – 06. 27
Opening reception  2015.05.16  3pm
亦安畫廊台北 aura gallery taipei


亦安畫廊台北將舉辦中國年輕藝術家李濤第二次個展「李濤 Li Tao – 我們 Sapiens」,並出版同名畫冊。於本週六(5/16)下午三點舉行開幕酒會,敬邀各位蒞臨。

“Li Tao – Sapiens”, the second solo exhibition of Chinese contemporary artist Li Tao, will be opened at aura gallery taipei from May 16 to Jun 27, accompanied with the release of new monograph. The opening reception will be at 3pm on May 16. We sincerely invite you to join us.










We, as Homo sapiens, all live under rules constructed by fictional believings. To maintain the rules, we input wisdom and efforts, creating myths, religions, laws, democracy, and capitalism. Not only do all the outcomes live with us, at the same time they remold us, and eventually make us believe that we are the being itself. Over millions of years, the entire concept of “we” and “I” exists in millions of people’s mind.

The new works of Li Tao can be said as the reflection of all of it, with the pictures indicating what lies between myths and realities, between past and future, and between rules and phantoms. Instead of using dark and thick ink to describe the movement as usual, Li Tao chooses light, bright color and subtly adopts the delicacy of stillness and motion, which is just like a declaration of “the longest future” to me – and we are standing at present, looking out for the upcoming future.

We, as Homo sapiens, usually cast the imagination of the future into fictions and movies: the anxiety of totalitarian political system, the fear about natural disaster, and even the worry about the invasion or ruling of aliens. While depicting single object, Li Tao seems to combine all the dramatic plots as well. However, just like what lies in his past works, there is an obvious adventure spirit within the demolished fragment. It is not about somewhere hidden and tranquil, but about the resistance of thoughts that rooted in our minds for so long and the retrospect toward our existence.

While the aesthetics of the contemporary ink painting, or so-called new ink painting, has been narrowed to a specific criterion within the past few years, Li Tao leap out of the standard and create his own language of art with the variation of use of ink and color. As a contemporary artist, Li Tao truly face and express the present and the future of us, Homo sapiens.



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