November 2014

羅荃木 Luo QuanMu : Ancient Soul  今天下午開幕


羅荃木 Luo QuanMu  布面油畫 oil on canvas  40×50 cm  2014

亦安畫廊台北誠摯邀請您參加今天下午三時起的展覽開幕 「羅荃木:靈魂比肉體更早存在」 。歡迎您的蒞臨!

opening reception   2014.11.01 Saturday 3 p.m.
2014.11.01– 11.29
亦安畫廊台北 aura gallery taipei


aura gallery taipei cordially invite you to join the opening reception of Luo QuanMu: Ancient Soul, from 3 p.m. today. Known for his Workers series paintings, Luo will debut a new body of paintings, watercolor and ink paintings of still life and landscapes.

A seemingly pure form often encompasses complex souls.

Frédéric Chopin wrote Mazurkas the most in his life. Known as the “do Stuchavia” (For Singing) dance in Poland, Mazurkas are Chopin’s diary. Fu Chong once said that Mazurkas is the Chopin’s innermost spirit, the display of his most basic, personal and intimate self. Chopin was able to merge rhythm with expression – without it, one cannot feel the other form of art within. Without it, one will never understand Chopin’s soul.

The body, functioning as the container for the soul, is often subjected to conflict and pain. Chopin had volcanic passion and infinite imagination, but a weak body. Nevertheless, the soul needs not to be in the body to survive. It can manifest itself through history, musical form, keyboard and brush. It is homologous to the body, just like the shadow. The soul carries no weight yet its presence can be felt. It also can be grand and vivid, traverse freely and vanish in an instant without regret.

Whether Luo QuanMu’s work in aura gallery taipei correlates to the Renaissance paintings or the flair of Qi BaiShi, these works emits a bouquet of complex feelings and emotions – similar to Chopin’s later works akin to J.S. Bach.

Like the mysterious soul in a Mazurka can be greater than of a symphony, Luo not only exaggerated the artist’s sentiments, but also fabricated these sentiments into a pure, obscure and intimate form. Similar to the his previous oeuvre, Luo continues to explore such unique, passionate and yet distant universe – a place where time and clamor ceases allowing one to re-acquaint with the world once more.


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Art Taipei 2014 台北國際藝術博覽會
亦安畫廊 aura gallery   Booth No. B23
Artists: 李濤 Li Tao  /  許炯 Xu Jiong
2014.10.31 – 11.04
台北世貿中心 TWTC


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