October 2017
亦安畫廊台北敬祝中秋佳節愉快 | 「台—攝影與書」即將開幕

 Happy Moon Festival!・Opening Soon TAIWAN : Vintage Photos and Photobooks

陳石岸 Chen Shih-An  1968 自拍器 Self-Timer

aura gallery taipei wish you a Happy Moon Festival.
We cordially invite to you join us at the opening events of TAIWAN : Vintage Photos and Photobooks.

Upcoming Exhibition and Events

台-攝 影 與 書・亦安畫廊台北與二手舍
TAIWAN – Vintage Photos and Photobooks,
an exhibition in cooperation with nitesha
10 October – 11 November 2017
亦安畫廊台北 aura gallery taipei

10 October Tue.
4 – 5 p.m.|Opening Guide 導覽Q & A|二手舍 x 蕭永盛(美學書房主編)
5 – 7 p.m.|Opening Reception 開幕酒會

14 October Sat.
4 – 6 p.m.|Collector Talk座談活動|陳祐明(攝影典藏家) x 蕭永盛

展覽特別感謝:陳祐明先生、陳學聖先生、蕭永盛先生、Lightbox 攝影圖書室
The gallery would like to extend special thanks to the collector and scholar Chen Hsueh-Sheng, Chen Yu-Ming, Hsiao Yong -Seng and Lightbox Photo Library for their generous participations in this exhibition.